Friday, August 2, 2013

Zoo and Iron Mine

I just came back from our tour today. We went to the Iron Mine in Iron Mountain. It was very cold in there but also very interesting (Yes, I could understand something. Not all but quite much!). After the guided tour I bought some souveniers and I took something like a Iron-Stone (I don't know exactly what it is - it looks like a normal stone) with me from there. Maybe I will send it to my family by mail or I will keep it for myself. For lunch we went to a restaurant (I forgot the name already...) and bought some American sweets afterwards.

Maybe I will go to the Waterfront Festival with a girl from here later. The festival goes on till sunday, tomorrow there will be a firework and on sunday a parade.
Next week I will paint my room (in white and pink) and I hope I'll get to know some other kids from Menominee High School!

Love you all
Franzi <3

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