Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome in the United States - My first day

Me with my hostparents on the airport of Green Bay
Yesterday I finally landed in America.
My first impression?
Everyting is bigger, fast food stores are everywhere, people are very friendly and there are lots of meat and fried stuff to eat. I'm going to be so fat next year...
My hostfamily is very nice. Today they took me to a soccer match of my little nephew Ty and showed me Menominee and Marinette. And all by car! Apparently american people drive a lot. And everybody has a big Chevrolet ;)

Right now I'm very tired. No wonder - in Germany it's about 3 AM! Tomorrow we will go to a zoo with Jack and next weekend there's the waterfront Festival with a parade, firework and so on.
My school year starts in the end of August so I'll have time to improve my English a little bit. I'm so excited what school in USA is going to be like!

Everything is great here but I already miss my family and my friends! Fortunately we have Facebook and Skype. If anybody wants to Skype with me just ask me! I'll miss you all <3

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