Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm back again


I know I didn't post anything for quite a bit time but so much is going on (and I just don't feel like writing after all those stuff I have to do for school).
I think my English became pretty well over the last few weeks. Sometimes I first feel like "Oh no an English person! what's the best way to say what I want to explain?!" but then I realize I don't have to think about it actually. I just have to start talking and I will say everything just as I want to. It's so awesome I don't even have to think about talking English you just talk. And it's English! Without meaning to!! Awesome
I probably spent (again) way too much money this month but shopping here is amazing and way better than in Germany! It's so much cheeper and you have in every mall a Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Victoria Secret and Levi's store. And the sports clothes stores are just soo much better than in Germany!!
As you can see I really like shopping here. All the food is still kinda funny for me but it's ok.
I really love the football games especially those from our school (next Saturday is M&M game!! *-*)
And I love it here. I feel like I get more friends every day. I feel really comfortable here and I hope the rest of my year is going to be so awesome like my first two months.

And of course to all my German friends and family miss you :**

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