Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Last weekend I went with my hostparents and some other Exchange Students to Chicago. Chicago is amazing! Ok it was the first big city I've ever been to but whatever.
We first went to the Millenium Park and then I visited with two other girls the Art Institute of Chicago. After that we took a bus to the Navy Pier and as it started to rain we headed back to meet with the others of our group at the Willis Tower. It was very foggy so we didn't went up. Instead we went to the Hardrock Cafe (where I bought some shirts) and ate something at a restaurant.
On Sunday was big shopping-day at the Gurnee Mills. I went with a Swiss Girl and we bought quite a few things.
So that was kinda all about my trip to Chicago. Here a few pics of the city and the shopping tour afterwards
Love ya :*

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